Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Innovative Research Program


The CIRES-wide competitive Innovative Research Program (IRP) supports novel, unconventional, and/or fundamental research that may quickly provide concept viability or rule out further consideration. The program stimulates a creative research environment within CIRES and encourages synergy among disciplines and research colleagues. 

Awards for 2017:
Pliocene temperatures from the tropics: the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia
Investigators: Lina Perez-Angel, Peter Molnar

Novel particulate aerosol sampling design capable of withstanding high winds in polar and high mountain regions
Investigators: Mark Serreze, Alia Kahn

Toward a more comprehensive picture of snowpack evolution through the integration of time-lapse photography, high-resolution snow modeling, lidar data, and in situ observations
Investigators: Jeffery Deems, Mark Raleigh

Direct spectroscopic detection of tropospheric chlorine radicals
Investigators: Andrew Rollins, Joshua Schwarz

Estimating temporal variations in ocean circulation using magnetic satellite data
Investigators: Manoj Nair, Neesha Schnepf

Combining satellite and acoustic remote sensing data with a numerical model to characterize the vertical structure of marine ecosystems
Investigators: Kristopher Karnauskas, Carrie Wall

Citizen science, showerheads, and the ecology of an emerging disease
Investigators: Noah Fierer, Matt Gerbert

Nowcasting Geoelectric Hazard on United States Power Grid
Investigators: Anne Sheehan, Daniel Feucht

Application of computer vision to Earth Science problems: An initial application using 3D scene reconstruction and image velocimetry to estimate surface water velocities in rivers
Investigators: J. Toby Minear, Christoffer Heckman, Robert Anderson


Awards for 2017