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A view of Colorado's Front Range from a balloon launch. CIRES Administration News

CIRES administration staff regularly posts important, non-confidential information here. If there's an administrative issue you’d like to understand better, please let the CIRES communications team know. These updates also post to InsideCIRES (requires login).

A composite photograph of an ozonesonde (balloon) launching in to the pre-dawn sky at the South Pole. South Pole Ozone

Each year starting in September, CIRES and NOAA researchers in NOAA's Global Monitoring Laboratory blog about the ozone depletion season, as the sun rises over the horizon at the South Pole and—sparked by that sunlight—ozone depletion begins. Check out the blog for the latest updates on this year's ozone hole.

A photo of three researchers in in winter clothes standing in front of a snow-covered field. Lidar Exploration at the Bottom of the World

CIRES Fellow Dr. Xinzhao Chu’s research group has been using sophisticated, custom lidar systems to study the upper atmosphere at McMurdo Station, Antarctica since 2010. Typically, students are deployed to the ice for 13 months at a time to operate the systems and study the region where the atmosphere meets space.