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A view of Colorado's Front Range from a balloon launch. CIRES Administration News

CIRES administration staff will post important, non-confidential information to this blog. Please let the CIRES communications team know if there is an administrative issue you’d like to understand better, and we’ll find someone to write a blog post. These updates also post to InsideCIRES (requires login).

A composite photograph of an ozonesonde (balloon)  launching in to the pre-dawn sky at the South Pole. South Pole Ozone

Every September, the sun begins to rise over the horizon at the South Pole. Sparked by that sunlight, a season of ozone depletion begins. NOAA and CIRES researchers in NOAA's Global Monitoring Laboratory are blogging about this depletion season, as the "hole" develops and later as ozone builds back up.

Photo of the RV Polarstern in Arctic ice taken from a helicopter. A Year in the Ice

MOSAiC is an international research expedition to study the physical, chemical, and biological processes that couple the Arctic atmosphere, sea ice, ocean, and ecosystem. Beginning in fall 2019, the RV Polarstern icebreaker will freeze into Arctic sea ice and drift with it for a full year, allowing scientists to collect data in every season.