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Science Show & Share

Connect and engage with scientists from CIRES!  

Science Show & Share

Discover the captivating world of climate science through the CIRES Science Show & Share webinar series, designed to enlighten middle and high school students. Dive into a 40-minute virtual journey as we connect you with brilliant scientists from across the globe.

In these engaging sessions, our esteemed scientists will unveil the intricacies of their groundbreaking work, shedding light on their research objectives, methodologies, and the profound significance of their endeavors. Join us for a 20-minute exploration of their work, followed by an interactive live Q&A session where you and your students can questions live and on camera or through the chat. 

Our webinar series goes beyond the classroom, offering insights into pressing environmental topics such as Earth Day and COP26. Additionally, we'll take you on a global adventure, connecting you with researchers in some of the world's most remote and captivating locations like McMurdo, Antarctica. 

The invaluable webinar recordings can also serve as standalone classroom resources, enhancing your understanding of climate science. Join us in building upon the success of our renowned Science@Home program (explore recorded science topics with Science @ Home!) and embark on an educational journey that fuels your passion for environmental action. 

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