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Ryan Langendorf

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  • Burgess MG; Langendorf RE; Moyer JD; Dancer A; Hughes BB; Tilman D. (Jun 2023). Multidecadal dynamics project slow 21st-century economic growth and income convergence. , 4(1). 10.1038/s43247-023-00874-7
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  • Drake MD; Salerno J; Langendorf RE; Cassidy L; Gaughan AE; Stevens FR; Pricope NG; Hartter J. (Dec 2020). Costs of elephant crop depredation exceed the benefits of trophy hunting in a community-based conservation area of Namibia. Conservation Science and Practice , 3(1). 10.1111/csp2.345
  • Burgess MG; Langendorf RE; Ippolito T; Pielke R. (Jul 2020). Optimistically biased economic growth forecasts and negatively skewed annual variation. 10.31235/
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  • Langendorf RE; Strode PK. (Oct 2017). Using Spreadsheets to Simulate an Evolving Population. The American Biology Teacher , 79(8), 635-643. 10.1525/abt.2017.79.8.635