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Man Zhang

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  • Heinzeller D; Bernardet L; Firl G; Zhang M; Sun X; Ek M. (Apr 2023). The Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) Framework v6. Geoscientific Model Development , 16(8), 2235-2259. 10.5194/gmd-16-2235-2023
  • Boukabara, SA, T Zhu, HL Tolman, S Lord, S Goodman, R Atlas, M Goldberg, T Auligne, B Pierce, L Cucurull, M Zupanski, M Zhang, I Moradi, J Otkin, D Santek, B Hoover, ZX Pu, XW Zhan, C Hain, E Kalnay, D Hotta, S Nolin, E Bayler, A Mehra, SPF Casey, D Lindsey, L Grasso, VK Kumar, A Powell, JJ Xu, T Greenwald, J Zajic, J Li, JL Li, B Li, JC Liu, L Fang, P Wang and TC Chen. (Dec 2016). S4: AN O2R/R2O INFRASTRUCTURE FOR OPTIMIZING SATELLITE DATA UTILIZATION IN NOAA NUMERICAL MODELING SYSTEMS A Step Toward Bridging the Gap between Research and Operations. BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY , 97(12). 10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00188.1
  • Wang, HL, XY Huang, JZ Sun, DM Xu, M Zhang, SY Fan and JQ Zhong. (Oct 2014). Inhomogeneous Background Error Modeling for WRF-Var Using the NMC Method. JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY AND CLIMATOLOGY , 53(10). 10.1175/JAMC-D-13-0281.1
  • Zhang, M, M Zupanski, MJ Kim and JA Knaff. (Nov 2013). Assimilating AMSU-A Radiances in the TC Core Area with NOAA Operational HWRF (2011) and a Hybrid Data Assimilation System: Danielle (2010). MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW , 141(11). 10.1175/MWR-D-12-00340.1
  • Fridlind AM; Ackerman AS; Chaboureau J-P; Fan J; Grabowski WW; Hill AA; Jones TR; Khaiyer MM; Liu G; Minnis P. (Mar 2012). A comparison of TWP-ICE observational data with cloud-resolving model results. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres , 117. 10.1029/2011JD016595
  • Zhang M; Zhang D-L. (Jan 2012). Subkilometer Simulation of a Torrential-Rain-Producing Mesoscale Convective System in East China. Part I: Model Verification and Convective Organization. Monthly Weather Review , 140(1), 184-201. 10.1175/MWR-D-11-00029.1