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CSTPR Noontime Seminar: Kritee Kritee

CSTPR Noontime Seminar: Kritee Kritee

Climate Smart Agriculture in Asia: Measurements, Implementation Strategy and Challenges

by Kritee Kritee, Senior Scientist, International Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

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Biography: Kritee is a part of Environmental Defense Fund's international climate team that is linking farmers to the carbon market in ways that promote mitigation, support development in the rural economy, accelerate poverty alleviation, and strengthen adaptation to the effects of climate change. She is helping lay the groundwork for agricultural carbon offset protocols for small land holdings by directing a multi-partner research team at the five GHG (nitrous oxide and methane) measurements laboratories across three states in Southern India. This research team is examining the effectiveness of innovative farming practices in delivering the three-fold goal of increased crop yields, better farm economics and decreased GHG emissions. She also provides scientific input to EDF's domestic legal teams' efforts to improve government policies related to the energy sector, with a focus on mercury pollution from electric generation units.


CSTPR Conference Room, 1333 Grandview Avenue

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