Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

COVID Information

COVID-related information for CIRES employees

(updated 05/11/2021)

CIRES is working with CU Boulder and NOAA to protect employees and curb the spread of COVID-19.


Procedures for returning to campus or NOAA


For faculty (including research faculty), students, and postdocs working on CU Boulder Campus:

  • You must discuss your return to in-person work with your supervisor.
  • Note: The CIRES building (not including the labs) is expected to be closed later this summer for air handling system replacement. Please do not return to your office in the CIRES building at this time (July1). More details are forthcoming.
  • Masks are no longer required indoors, but some exceptions apply (meetings, health care settings, youth camps, etc).

For Administrative Team members working on CU Boulder Campus:

  • CIRES Administrative Staff may return to in-person work once the unit head has submitted to the director and received approval for a return to work plan for their group that identifies the remote and in-person work schedules for each member of their group. However, see above re. access to the CIRES building.

For those working at NOAA/DSRC:

  • All staff working in DSRC are required to follow DOC and NOAA guidelines as well as the DSRC Reintegration Plan and addendums.
  • Currently, DSRC is operating in Phase 1 (essential and critical work only) and any access to the DOC campus and DSRC must be approved by the laboratory or program leadership on site. Please consult with your laboratory or program leadership if you have questions or concerns. 
  • If you are already approved to be back at work in the DSRC, you do not need to fill out the Buff Pass daily any longer, and you do not need to do weekly COVID surveillance testing (but if you wish to continue to get tested, you may). 
  • If you are not yet approved to return to work at the DSRC, please consult your supervisor and NOAA leadership before changing your workplace.
  • For a one-time visit to DSRC, you still need NOAA approval but you no longer need to request CIRES approval.

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