Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Eleanor C. Browne

Research Interests

My group is primarily interested in developing instrumentation for measuring gases and aerosols in the atmosphere and in using this instrumentation to investigate how atmospheric processing affects the chemical composition of gases and aerosols. The group is specifically interested in organonitrogen and organosilicon compounds and investigates the fate of these compounds using laboratory and field measurements. Current work focuses on understanding the role of organonitrogen in new particle formation and growth, and in nitrogen deposition. The organosilicon work focuses on constraining the fate of organosilicon compounds that are found in personal care products and preferentially partition to the atmosphere. 

Current Research

New Particle Formation and Growth

In August and September 2016, the group participated in the Holistic Interactions of Shallow Clouds, Aerosols, and Land-Ecosystems (HI-SCALE) campaign at the DOE Southern Great Plains Research facility in Oklahoma. During this campaign, we measured the chemical composition of ambient ions in the atmosphere using atmospheric pressure interface high-resolution mass spectrometry. This technique allows us to directly probe the chemical composition of naturally charged molecules and clusters that represent the initial steps of new particle formation and growth. Additionally, many organonitrogen species have higher proton affinities than water, and consequently, when present, organonitrogen species can be observed as positive ions. Thus, these measurements provide us with insight into the composition of organonitrogen in the atmosphere.

Organonitrogen Composition

In the summer and fall of 2016, the group deployed a high-volume filter sampler to Niwot Ridge, Colorado to collect aerosols. We are currently analyzing these filter samples using protonated ethanol cluster chemical ionization mass spectrometry (EtOH-CIMS) to measure the composition of organonitrogen species present in the aerosol. Although organonitrogen is recognized to be an important contributor to nitrogen deposition, little is known about its chemical composition. This work is demonstrating a new application of EtOH-CIMS to simultaneously measure a wide array of organonitrogen compounds. The measurements will show how the composition of organonitrogen varies across the seasonal transition, and will aid in improving our knowledge of the role that organonitrogen plays in nitrogen transport and deposition.   

Aroob Abdelhamid with the atmospheric pressure interface high-resolution mass spectrometer.

Aroob Abdelhamid with the atmospheric pressure interface high-resolution mass spectrometer during the HI-SCALE campagin in Oklahoma. Photo: John Schatz

Jennifer Berry collecting filters from the sampler at Niwot Ridge, Colorado.

Jennifer Berry collecting filters from the sampler at Niwot Ridge, Colorado. Photo courtesy: Eleanor Browne

Honors and Awards

  • NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship (2012-2014)
  • NASA Earth Systems Science Fellowship (2010-2012)

View Publications

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