Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Fellows Emeritus

Fellow Emeritus is a designation that requires approval by a majority of the Council of Fellows, the CIRES Director and concurrence of the Vice Chancellor for Research. Fellows Emeritus retain "voice without vote" in meetings of the Council of Fellows.

Susan K. Avery
Former CIRES Director, Fellow Emeritus
Randall M. Dole
Fellow Emeritus
Fred Fehsenfeld
Fred Fehsenfeld
Senior Research Scientist, Fellow Emeritus
Alexander Goetz
Fellow Emeritus
Vijay Gupta CIRES
Vijay Gupta
Professor Emeritus, Fellow Emeritus
William M. Lewis Jr.
Emeritus Professor
Doug Robertson
Fellow Emeritus
Robert E. Sievers
Professor of Chemistry, emeritus
Hartmut Spetzler
Fellow Emeritus
Konrad Steffen
Former CIRES Director, Fellow Emeritus
Carol A. Wessman
Emeritus Profesor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology