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Feb 2020 Participant Feedback

Feb 2020 Participant Feedback

2020 Workshop Dates:
Session 1: February 5th
Session 2: February 10th
Session 3: February 12th 
  8:30-11:30am daily

Workshop Agenda:
Day 1: Introduction to risk management, preparation and incident response, institutional practices.
Day 2: Creating a positive learning environment, decision making styles, leadership as a shared responsibility, resolving tension in the field, codes of conduct. 
Day3: Improving workplace climate: addressing harassment and bullying in science. 

Participant Feedback:

  • The workshop was a great success. Everyone coming together to share ideas and learn together.
  • The best part of the workshop was doing the role playing scenario, it helped me identify my lack of confidence in a fast-paced emergency.
  • I have definitely worked in situations where I know there would have been some serious eye rolling if we had tried to talk about how we could make sure everyone felt included and no one got hurt feelings ;)  So having some examples of how to frame this type of discussion in a way that resonates with people was really useful.
  • I liked the flow of presentation, discussion and questions. It felt like a very safe sharing space.
  • It was very useful to understand the steps involved in planning and executing risk management strategies.
  • The best of the workshop was creating a culture of risk management not safety.
  • The discussion of microaggressions was the best part of the workshop because handling these situations is not intuitive and I really value training around these kinds of uncomfortable situations.

Header Photo credit: Horst Machguth