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News Archive


CIRES, NOAA Teams Win Governor’s Research Awards
Minor Geomagnetic Storm, Big Impact: The February 2022 Starlink Satellite Loss
New Educators' Guide for Climate, Human Rights
COVID-19 is Still a ‘Dangerous Global Health Threat’
Antarctic Ozone Hole Slightly Smaller in 2022 than in 2021
El Niño Impacts in North America Depend Partly on North Pacific Ocean
Researchers Studying Climate Futures Shouldn’t Jump to Extremes
Physicians Become Climate Modelers for a Day, Advocates for the Future
Open Forest Observatory Creates New Tools for Better Forest Management
2021 Update: Global Air Quality Impacts from Wildfires, Heat Increasing and Expected to Keep Rising


Dr. Xinzhao Chu Sees Best Year of Wildlife in Antarctica


Satellite Imagery Measures Ground Motion Due to Oklahoma Induced Seismicity

Prof. Xinzhao Chu to give CEDAR Prize Lecture in Santa Fe, NM

Prof. Xinzhao Chu to give CEDAR Prize Lecture in Santa Fe, NM

Direct measurements of ice-shelf flexure caused by surface meltwater ponding and drainage

Observations Show Gravity Waves Above Antarctica Dance in Winter

Greenland Ice Melting Four Times Faster Than in 2003


Is Antarctica Becoming More Like Greenland?

Is Antarctica Becoming More Like Greenland?

Rare Glacial River Drains Potentially Harmful Lakes

Mylène Jacquemart, Graduate Student Researcher, wins AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award


Map Provides High-Resolution Look at Nearly Entire Arctic Region

AES junior Ian Geraghty won Undergraduate Honorable Mention at CEDAR 2017

Dr. Toby Minear's work on sediment clogging of large reservoirs and its implications was recently cited in the LA Times


Ice or Liquid? Evaluating and improving modeled cloud phase using spaceborne lidar observations