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Apr 27

Diversity in the Sciences

Please join CGA members and Susan Sullivan for our fourth Hidden Curriculum seminar in the series to discuss self-direction and collaboration!

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Apr 6

Appreciation Breakfast w/ CGA

We all work very hard throughout the days, weeks, months!

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Apr 1

Self-direction + Collaboration

Please join CGA members and Kristy Tiampo for our third Hidden Curriculum seminar in the series to discuss self-direction and collaboration!

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Mar 4

Time Management + Setting Goals

Please join CGA members and Leslie Blood for our second Hidden Curriculum seminar in the series to discuss time management and setting goals!

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Feb 17

Building your mentor network

Please join CGA members and Christine Wiedinmyer for our first Hidden Curricuculm seminar in the series to discuss building your network of mentors!

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Jan to Feb 28

CIRES Graduate Student Research Award Program

CIRES supports a Graduate Student Research Award program to promote student scholarship and research excellence. The goal of the program is to recognize the scholarship and merit of CIRES' outstanding graduate students.

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Dec 9

Winter Social

As we close out the fall semester, please join us at the Rayback collective for drinks and snacks! It is a time join together to build community, celebrate all that we have accomplished, and start the holiday season off right.

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Nov 11

Interview Skills Seminar

Join us Nov 11 at 1:30pm to learn about how to strengthen your interview skills at a seminar led by folks from CU Career Services.

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Apr 2

CGA Resume/CV Writing Workshop

Join Cat Diebel-Wilson from CU Graduate Student Career Services for a CV/Resume workshop. You will learn best practices for formatting, wording, and representing yourself in the best way possible on your resume to get the job you want.

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Feb 25

CGA CIRES Perks Orientation


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Jan 9

Picture a Scientist documentary - a discussion in our community

Presented by CU Boulder, CIRES, CGA, GSAB, WiSE, INSTAAR, GeoSMART, GSGA, and the Geology DEI Committee

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Oct 20

Getting to Know the Faces of Industry

So you are doing a PhD or working on a postdoc. Are you unsure about what you want to do after? Are you debating industry vs. academia?

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Sep 14

CIRES Graduate Association Coffee Break

Have you been working from home since March?

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Feb 26


Are you new to CIRES and have no idea what incredible perks are provided to you here? Have you been with CIRES for a while, but wonder if there are services you have been missing out on?

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Dec 5

2019 AGU Practice

On Thursday, Dec. 5, from 12:00 - 1:30 pm in the Fellows Room  (Ekeley, S274) we'll hold our annual AGU presentation practice session.

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Nov 20

Sharpening your leadership skills workshop

Would you like to develop your leadership mindset? Are you planning your next step after graduation, but haven't thought much about how you might best lead future mentees or employees?

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May 10

CGA May Happy Hour

It is time to celebrate reaching the end of the semester! Our final event for this semester will be Friday (5/10), from 4:30 - 7 PM. We will be meeting at No Name Bar (1313-1325 Broadway Street).

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Apr 24

Communicating your science through social media

Now that you all have an online professional profile, time to think about the best way to communicate your science to the outside world!

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Apr 13

Building your online CIRES professional page

Did you know that you can create your online professional CIRES webpage in a few clicks?

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Mar 20

Addressing Bias in Professional relationships: From the office to the field

Have you ever heard a comment from a colleague that is based in some underlying assumption about your or another colleague's ability? Need advice on how to handle a situation like this in your office/lab or in field?

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Jan 18


Are you new to CIRES and have no idea what incredible perks are provided to you here? Have you been with CIRES for a while, but wonder if there are services you have been missing out on?

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Nov 8

CGA Career Panel

Beyond Academia
Exploring "Alternative" Careers in Science

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Apr 12

Job Mentoring Mashup: Outside Academia

Interested in careers outside of academia? Come along to Backcountry Pizza, particularly if you need advice on how to be competitive for your dream career after graduation. The speed mentoring event provides you with a seat at the table with seasoned industry veterans and peers to discuss career and professional development topics that are important to you.

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Apr 7

Lunch with CIRES Distinguished Lecturer - Roger S. Pulwarty

Lunch-time conversation with the CIRES Distinguished Lecturer, Roger S. Pulwarty.

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Mar 9

Open Forum on the Role of Scientists in a Changing Political Climate

With the recent change in administration, many of us have been caught off-guard and are unsure of what roles we will play as scientists, both personally and professionally, in the new political climate.

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Mar 2

Social hour at Cheba Hut

CGA monthly happy hour! We will be meeting at Cheba Hut (1313 College Ave) again. Come along and meet fellow CIRES graduate students and post-docs. We hope to see you there!

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Nov 9

Is academia right for me? - CIRES academic career panel

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Oct 12

CGA Grant Writing Workshop with Prof. Maggie Tolbert

Professor Maggie Tolbert, CIRES Fellow, will lead a workshop on grant writing. Please feel free to bring applications you've already written to receive feedback on, or just come to listen. 

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Sep 15

CGA Beyond Academia Career Panel

More coming soon

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Mar 11

CGA Lunch Seminar: Use your online presence to get a job and further your career goals

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Feb 3

CGA Travel Award Winner Lunchtime Seminar

The four 2015 CGA Travel Award winners will present 15 minute talks on their exciting research results. The Travel Award winners and their presentations are as follows:

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