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Konrad Steffen

Research Interests

Dr. Steffen's general interest was the study of processes related to climate and cryosphere interaction in polar and alpine regions based on in-situ and satellite measurements and using climate system modeling to study their sensitivity. In particular, he studied and evaluated sea-level changes and sensitivity studies of large ice sheets using in situ and modeling results. Most of this research was supported by the NASA/NSF initiative called PARCA: Program in Regional Arctic Climate Assessment.

Current Research

Former CIRES Director and Fellow Konrad Steffen died tragically in August 2020, in Greenland.



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  • Heilig A; Eisen O; Schneebeli M; MacFerrin M; Stevens CM; Vandecrux B; Steffen K. (Jan 2020). Relating regional and point measurements of accumulation in southwest Greenland. The Cryosphere , 14(1), 385-402. 10.5194/tc-14-385-2020