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The Center for Limnology includes approximately 15 individuals, including graduate students, doctoral level research scientists, and a technical staff. Graduate students work on a wide variety of problems. The easiest way to illustrate research conducted at the Center is to review our publication list. In looking over this list, you can judge the range of topics that our research scientists and various students have worked on over the past few years. In general, we allow wide latitude for choice of research topics.

Students who are contemplating application to study in limnology at the masters or doctoral level should apply for admission to the EBIO graduate program. The appropriate contact there is Cora Fagan Edminster, the graduate coordinator, at 303-492-7654. The graduate coordinator can provide information on application procedures and deadlines. The limnology program welcomes your application and looks forward to reviewing it.

It is difficult to judge the probability for admission of any given candidate. In general, successful applicants have a good undergraduate GPA, good letters of reference, and high GRE scores. The graduate coordinator will notify Dr. William Lewis in late fall that certain students have expressed an interest in working with the Center for Limnology. If you apply, you would be among these. Dr. Lewis will compare all the folders, and try to tell which candidates are most likely for admission. Admission is done partly on the basis of Dr. Lewis' request, and partly on the basis of decisions made by the Admissions committee of the department. Often we invite likely candidates out for a day or two of interviewing so that we can speak with them and they can get a better feeling of the setting here.

The staff at the Limnology Center would be glad to answer any further questions. If you encounter any problems, please contact Dr. William Lewis, Director of the Limnology Center.