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“Spheres” Spotlights Showers, Superconductors, Smoke

Latest edition of CIRES’ magazine explores diversity of CIRES research

The latest edition of Spheres highlights recent research headlines from all around CIRES. From air quality to Arctic warming, learn more about CIRES’ pacesetting science and how it contributes to our understanding of wind energy, fire behavior, human health and beyond. Share Spheres electronically via this link, or get in touch with the CIRES Communications office ( for some print copies to hand out at your next meeting or outreach event.


  • Who’s sharing your shower? And how might your shampoo affect air pollution?
  • How much did wildfires cost the United States in 2017?
  • What’s winter warmth got to do with crime?
  • If the Tropics widen, then what?
  • What does it take to photograph the Milky Way over the Maroon Bells?
  • And much more.

CIRES is a partnership of NOAA and CU Boulder.

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