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CIRES’ New Center for Microbial Exploration

Collaborative center will unite, strengthen CU Boulder’s diverse microbiology community

Microbes are everywhere: from the frigid ice sheets of Antarctica, to the middle of the rainforest—down to the plumbing in your house and the inside of your intestines. And the people who study these diverse areas are spread widely across CU Boulder’s campus. To bring them together, the new Center for Microbial Exploration kicks off this month to cultivate a communicative network between 21 faculty and more than 100 students and researchers across nine CU departments.

“Our goal is to catalyze microbiology research, collaboration, and communication across campus,” said Noah Fierer, CIRES fellow, CU professor, and director of the new center. “We want to get people together and get them talking.”

The Center for Microbial Exploration, housed in CIRES, will connect people from all over campus who would not otherwise cross paths. Microbial research may be the sole focus of someone’s work, a small part, or simply a curiosity: all are welcome to be involved in the center’s communication and activities. The center promises to provide a platform to share information and expertise—growing a culture of collaboration between diverse disciplines such as ecology, engineering, chemistry, geology, and more.

“Right now, there isn’t a microbiology department at CU,” said Jess Henley, center manager for the CME. “This center fills the gap and connects anyone across campus who has an interest in microbes.”

The center will send monthly e-newsletters and hold monthly meetups to highlight the breadth and strength of microbial research on CU’s campus. They will share information about upcoming events, new research papers, workshops, opportunities for collaboration, resources, shared facilities, and more.

The kick off meeting (open to anyone at CU) is Wednesday, March 20 from 3 to 5 p.m. in CIRES S274.

CIRES is a partnership of NOAA and CU Boulder.


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Center Director

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