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Particles from Paints, Pesticides Have Deadly Impact
July 27, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world die too soon every year because of exposure to air pollution caused by our daily use of

New Space Weather Model Promises Better Forecasts, More Targeted Warnings
July 20, 2021

NOAA’s National Weather Service is now using a CIRES-developed computer model to better understand and forecast how events that begin 93 million miles away, on the surface of the Sun, can affect technological systems on and around Earth. Incoming “space weather” from the Sun can briefly blot out radio communications here, nudge satellite trajectories, and force the hands of airline and human space flight managers.

Earth Has Two Different Stratospheres, and Aviation May Be To Blame
June 30, 2021

Scientists have long recognized that, on average, air pollution in the lower atmosphere is worse in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s because nearly 90 percent of the global population, and a majority of urban and industrial pollution sources, are located north of the equator. A new study has found that the northern stratosphere is more polluted as well. Only in this case, the scientists believe emissions from a specific source—aviation exhaust—may be a main culprit.