Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder


Extreme Melt on Antarctica’s George VI Ice Shelf
February 25, 2021

Antarctica’s northern George VI Ice Shelf experienced record melting during the 2019-2020 summer season compared to 31 previous summers of dramatically lower melt, a CU Boulder-led study found. The extreme melt coincided with record-setting stretches when local surface air temperatures were at or above the freezing point. 

Into the Sewers
February 23, 2021

Sometimes, the best way to study a community of living things is by looking at their leftovers. And just as wildlife biologists study scat to learn what a pack of predators is eating—a team of student microbiologists at CU Boulder is looking at the dark, slimy sewers beneath the university’s campus to learn more about what the people are doing above.

COVID-19 Lockdowns Reduced Ozone Pollution Over the Northern Hemisphere
February 17, 2021

During COVID-19 shutdowns last year, ozone levels in the lower atmosphere fell by seven percent across much of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a new study from the German weather service Deutscher Wetterdienst, with CIRES and NOAA co-authors.