Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

CMC Minutes Apr. 11, 2016

In Attendance: Christina Holt, Craig Hartsough, Rick Tisinai, Chance Sterling, Amanda Morton, Robin Strelow, Carrie Morrill, Lucia Harrop, Antonietta Capotondi, Mimi Hughes, Michele Cash, Carrie Bell


Announcements, Updates

12 out of 18 members – the quorum is set.

The meeting started at 12:29am

CMC Public page – Nate has a URL for us but we need to get pictures to him when he gets back. The group picture is there, but we need to get active with the updates!

Christina and Lucia discussed some anomalies, and Lucia noted that the new pages have been getting more of the attention. Robin said the launch is April 18th. Christina want to know when the content can be managed by CMC members. Lucia feels it is a CIRES IT question.

Rick said CMC should tell CIRES IT who should have access. Amanda said her group had it open to all of her group, but they pulled that back. Christina recalled that the web liaison needn’t be the only person to update the site. It was decided that the officers would have access for now. There was no vote needed on that.

Amanda noted that we use our Indentikey for logins.

Christina asked is there anything we would have to still have private, behind the public page? Do we still need that site? Lucia said that CMC did have a private page or two that had to do with working documents, etc. Koni Steffen removed it. CMC could ask for it again – Christina asked if the current site is available to all CIRES members? Lucia - yes, it is.

What about truly public facing pages? That is, three levels of web pages! CMC needs to define what goes where on each site.

The brand new site has not been launched, so what we’re waiting for the follow up on that.

Lucia said we could use OneDrive from CU. Rick: could we make a private site on OneDrive for CMC? Lucia said that NOAA people had problems with the OneDrive. Using CU’s VPN breaks connections on the NOAA computer.

Christina concluded that we should still use email. Amanda said CU uses Google so we could use Google docs, in theory – Lucia said Nate has both a NOAA and CU account, so he can test it!

Update on CIRES Review Date

End of July or beginning of August? Still not determined. It has been a scheduling problem with attendees...

New Business

Chris Ennis at ESRL CSL, is retiring and Rick wants to

Might we ask Kristen Averyt about how the CIRES Division reorg is going? Mimi said that those CIRES members wanting to lave and work on campus now wont’ have the letter needed to move. Antoinetta said that PSL now has been denied the opportunity to get funding. Might PSL write proposals via CIRES, and have space on campus to justify this? Right now, it seems that nether Feds nor the “on-campus” requirement let people write proposals. Mimi said we need to have a Fellow sponsor our place on campus. This impact “makes PSL have to fund like CSL” (Mimi)

By-Laws Committee - Rick

The meeting for the By-Laws committee confronted the contrast between actual By-Laws, a document that shouldn’t change very much over time, versus “Operating Guidelines” which we were trying to consider for the By-Laws. They should be separate documents, since operating guidelines can be changed to fit the times.

Rendezvous Committee - Amanda
105 poster submissions! The layout is considered to have Room 235 for food lines and have

more room for seating in the ballroom. The layout from last year was at a bursting point.

A CMC poster? Christina shared a version of a poster Amanda made for us (see attached) on a projector. It can be shared online and we can comment on it.

Accountability cards or “bingo cards” for people to have their card marked off when they visit a poster. The idea of a prize has been discouraged by Waleed.

Chance lamented the loss of the reward idea for the “bingo cards” since we are trying to encourage more mixing between scientists. The group tossed out non-costly ideas for the card reward. Nothing has been decided but there were some good ideas.

Alan announced that the comedy skit will not happen since the people would not be in town.

What about Dave Costa doing standup comedy? What about Nate giving a tour of the new CIRES website? Lucia - what about newsworthy CIRES events (PBS News Hour)? Robin – does Waleed cover this sort of stuff in his talk?

Survey questions for the Rendezvous – Amanda will send the documents (last year’s and this year’s)

CMC shirts? – Carrie M, Chance, Craig, Carrie B, Michele, Antonetta

OPA Committee Reports

Mimi gave the report.

CSD and SOS had an overwhelming dominant input – why not the other groups? Mimi suggested that we announce at the Winter Party how the nominations can be delivered.

Christina requested that the CMC really look at the email announcement from Anne Perring and respond to it to the CMC by Wednesday the 13th.

Christina requested that she be CC’d on OPA messages to Waleed and Lornay to be sure to push Waleed to announce the awards.

Rendezvous Program will need to be presented as a PDF to be downloaded by CIRES members. It will be like the reduced version from last year.

Executive and Fellows Reports

Carrie – no meetings yet this month!

Next meeting will be on the CU Campus! It will be all about Rendezvous

Meeting adjourned at 1:42pm 


Monday, April 11, 2016
11:00 am


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