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Jonathan Kofler

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  • Mielke-Maday, I; Schwietzke, S; Yacovitch, TI; Miller, B; Conley, S; Kofler, J; Handley, P; Thorley, E; Herndon, SC; Hall, B; Dlugokencky, E; Lang, P; Wolter, S; Moglia, E; Crotwell, M; Crotwell, A; Rhodes, M; Kitzis, D; Vaughn, T; Bell, C; Zimmerle, D; Schnell, R; Petron, G. (Apr 2019). Methane source attribution in a US dry gas basin using spatial patterns of ground and airborne ethane and methane measurements. ELEMENTA-SCIENCE OF THE ANTHROPOCENE , 7. 10.1525/elementa.351
  • Lan, X, P Tans, C Sweeney, A Andrews, A Jacobson, M Crotwell, E Dlugokencky, J Kofler, P Lang, K Thoning and S Wolter. (Dec 2017). Gradients of column CO2 across North America from the NOAA Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network. ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS , 17(24). 10.5194/acp-17-15151-2017
  • Rieker, GB, FR Giorgetta, WC Swann, J Kofler, AM Zolot, LC Sinclair, E Baumann, C Cromer, G Petron, C Sweeney, PP Tans, I Coddington and NR Newbury. (Nov 2014). Frequency-comb-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases over kilometer air paths. OPTICA , 1(5). 10.1364/OPTICA.1.000290
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  • Warneke, C, F Geiger, PM Edwards, W Dube, G Petron, J Kofler, A Zahn, SS Brown, M Graus, JB Gilman, BM Lerner, J Peischl, TB Ryerson, JA de Gouw and JM Roberts. (Jan 2014). Volatile organic compound emissions from the oil and natural gas industry in the Uintah Basin, Utah: oil and gas well pad emissions compared to ambient air composition. ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS , 14(20). 10.5194/acp-14-10977-2014
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