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About Us

About Us

CIRES strives to learn about the earth and environment, including people’s relationship with the planet.

The Education and Outreach program at CIRES is the go-between that helps to make cutting-edge research accessible to students, teachers, and the public.

CIRES (pronounced “series”) stands for the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. The scientific team at CIRES includes more than 500 scientists, who are studying ideas like what drives large wildfires, how to detect methane pollution, and the behavior of Arctic sea ice. Some of the big topics we work on are climate change, water resources, forest health, pollution, our dynamic oceans, the chemistry of the atmosphere, and the special environments in the Arctic and Antarctic. We study these topics on the ground, aboard ships, on skis, in the labs, and from space.

Because scientific understanding helps us take better care of the Earth, our researchers also tackle public policy, with the aim of guiding policymakers toward decisions that are based on the best available science.

The theme that ties us all together is a desire to understand the Earth better, and specifically, how we can work toward a sustainable future. This mission is up to all people, not just scientists. That’s why our job is to reach out to you and help you learn as much as you can about the incredible planet that we all share.


Our Mission:

CIRES Education & Outreach promotes and strengthens scientific and environmental literacy by engaging communities in our project work, and inspires and prepares the next generation of STEM researchers in careers towards building a sustainable future.

Our core value is that the whole world benefits from science, but only if that science is shared with the world. Join us, and see where science can take you. 


Meet Our Team


Anne Gold
Anne U. Gold
Director Education & Outreach
Amanda Morton
Assistant to the Director


Katie Boyd
Katie Boyd
Education & Outreach Associate; Evaluator
Erin Leckey
Education & Outreach Associate; Scientist
Megan Littrell
Education & Outreach Associate, Educational Researcher
Susan Lynds
Susan Lynds
Geoscience education evaluation and program assessment
Renee Curry Minaya
Renee Curry Minaya
Education & Outreach Associate
Christine has blond hair and a big smile.
Christine Okochi
Education & Outreach Assistant; Educational Research
Katya Schloesser
Education & Outreach Associate; Curriculum Developer
Jennifer Taylor
Education & Outreach Associate; Curriculum Developer


Anna Scott
Anna Scott
Student Assistant
Kelsey Tayne
Graduate Student Assistant

Contact Us

Office: 303-492-5670
Fax: 303-735-3644

CIRES Education and Outreach
University of Colorado
449 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0449

Office Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm -- fall and spring semesters 

Getting Here

We are located on the east campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder on the first floor at the SE corner of Research Lab 2. Visitor parking can be found in our lot. Visitors should refer to signs on pay stations or at lot entrances for hours of payment enforcement, if visiting during payment hours. The parking pay station rate is $1.75 per hour. All pay stations accept credit cards. A map of visitor lots around Research Lab 2 (RL-2) can be found here. Parking is free for 3 hours at Scott Carpenter Park, across 30th street. Visitors are encouraged to utilize public transportation, we are easily accessible from RTD buses: Bound, Jump, FF6, and the J. We also offer ample bike racks and are located a short distance from the Boulder Creek Path.