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Alex McPherson

Alex McPherson

Alex is from a family of Colorado natives. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is a fly fishing aficionado.

Unsure of what to do after high school, Alex took a gap year and lived in Puebla, Mexico. Upon his return to the states, he attended the University of Denver and majored in Sociology and Spanish. It wasn't until his senior year that Alex took another science class, which he loved (and thought "Oh no, I've studied the wrong thing!"). He then taught kindergarten and special education in a charter school and after five years, feeling that teaching was not his life calling, he enrolled at the Community College of Denver to study STEM while still teaching part-time. This fall, Alex will attend the University of Colorado Denver in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department.
Alex's philosophy is “take your opportunities when they come”!

Project Title: Developing data analysis techniques for observed aerosol optical properties and wind direction at Mauna Loa Observatory. Mentors: Patrick Sheridan and John Ogren, NOAA.

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