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Anjelique Morine

Anjelique Morine

Anjelique is a Colorado native from San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado. She currently lives in Denver, but spends as much time as possible in her beloved hometown. Through her education, she hopes to give back to her community. She has always been fascinated by the physical geography of the San Luis Valley, and even though not in her initial plans, the land has called her back.

Science was not her original area of study, but after being exposed to the sciences at Red Rocks Community College along with a great instructor, she changed her course of studies. She will be attending CU Denver this coming fall to pursue a degree in urban planning, as well as a certificate in urban sustainability. She is currently working at NOAA with the Geomagnetism team to better understand the magnetic field specifically in Boulder, CO. Though a small scale in comparison to the world, she hopes to model this data as an example for future use.

Project Title: Can We Correctly Identify Magnetic Anomalies Through the Crowdmag Application In Order to Better Navigate? Mentors: Rick Saltus and Manoj Nair, NOAA.

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