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Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

Evaluation can be done at many stages of a project. Here are some examples of evaluation work our team does. Contact us if you want to partner.


What do we offer?

Support at the grant proposal stage

  • Identify project goals and measurable objectives
  • Identify the reporting/accountability requirements of funders
  • Suggest advisory board members
  • Develop logic model or evaluation matrix
  • Write evaluation plan, evaluation questions
  • Develop budget for proposal (many funding agencies recommend budgeting up to 10% of the total budget for evaluation)


Consulting on funded projects

Advise project leadership team on what to evaluate and how to go about measuring results

  • What are the project goals/objectives?
  • Develop a Logic Model or Evaluation Matrix
  • What evaluation methods can we use to measure progress and inform the project managers?
  • What funds are available for evaluation?


We provide evaluation services for all phases of a program or project

  • Front-end Evaluation – Evaluation at the project start to inform the work
  • Formative Evaluation – Evaluation that guides the leadership team during a project and allows for iterative design
  • Summative Evaluation – Evaluation that summarizes the accomplishments of the project
  • External Critical Review – “critical friend” to a project team to review project design and implementation


Contact Information

We are happy to assist with evaluation plans at any stage—from the proposal through implementation.  We work with individuals and programs from all over the country—academic departments, government agencies, and organizations.  Contact us any time!


Anne Gold; Director

Susan Lynds; Evaluator

Kathryn Boyd; Evaluator

Megan Littrell; Educational Researcher