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Kara Garcia

Kara Garcia

Originally from Virginia, Kara now lives in Colorado and attends Front Range Community College (FRCC). She is currecntly exploring which courses she needs to obtain an AS with a Degree of Designation in Biology.

Kara's original plan when she started community college two years ago was to transfer to CSU Fort Collins for a major in horticulture and eventually establishing a large, organic and sustainable greenhouse for produce as to grow year round in this region. She is now interested in pursuing a major in environmental studies and forest ecology at CU Boulder. Over these last couple of years her interests have evolved into a much bigger picture, what that picture is exactly, she is still configuring.

Project Title: Hydraulic Conductivity Among Varied Elevation Gradients within Boulder Creek CZO & Niwot Ridge LTER. Mentor: Ryan Webb, INSTAAR.

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