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Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca is currently a community college student from Newport News, Virginia. She recently received an Associate’s Degree in Social Science, graduating summa cum laude from Thomas Nelson Community College. However, she has changed her path and will now pursue a second Associate’s Degree in Applied Science.

Rebecca plans to transfer to CU Boulder to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology. Currently, she is working with the geophysics department at CU Boulder to help better understand the seismic character of earthquake events in Greeley, CO. Although this region is not usually associated with earthquake events, induced seismicity has been occurring from the injection of wastewater after oil drilling practices. This project will help establish better mitigation efforts for those regions that are affected by induced seismicity.

Project Title: Induced Seismicity in Greeley, Colorado: The Effects of Pore Pressure on Seismic Wave Character. Mentor: Kyren Bogolub, Geological Sciences.

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