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Welcome to the 'back end' of this drupal site, please refer to these quick tutorials by selecting the 'Help!' button at anytime or contact CIRESIT if you experience any issues, need any updates, have questions or need new users added.


If you are reading this then you are logged in! Let's quickly review how to log into this site. You may simply point your browser to 'siteName/user' to log in or select 'log in' within the footer of the website. From here you enter in your CU Identikey and password to log in.

Now is a good time to review how being logged into drupal works. The first, and most important, is the ADMIN BAR. It is the thin black bar at the top of your screen that you can only see since you are logged into the website. Take a look from left to right and notice that you have a home button which always goes back to the homepage as well as CONTENT ( more on that in the Content section ), your user profile and the LOG OUT links.

Say hello the the ADMIN BAR it is your new best friend.