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Evaluating Workshops

Evaluating Workshops

We frequently support professional development workshops with a clear evaluation plan for before, during, and after the event. Below are some sample activities for workshop evaluation design.

Front-end evaluation

Registration surveys to gauge the demographics, goals, and content knowledge of the workshop participants

Results can be used to fine-tune the workshop topics and schedule

Formative evaluation

Daily feedback gathered during short end-of-day surveys

Observations made by on-site evaluator

Daily debrief with workshop leaders

Results can be used to modify remaining portion of the workshop

Summative evaluation

End-of-workshop survey can be used to measure if participant goals were met, knowledge gained, and/or analysis of change

Follow-up (implementation) survey

Measures retention, change, usability of workshop content

Do you have an upcoming workshop that would benefit from the expertise of a team of external evaluators? Get in touch and we’ll help you design a plan for you and your participants to get the most value from the experience.