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ICEE: Pieter Tans

"CO2 and the Human Connection"

ICEE: Steven Nerem

CIRES Fellow Dr. Steven Nerem: "An Overview of Modern Day Sea Level Change"

ICEE: Jim White

ICEE: Lisa Dilling

CIRES Fellow Dr. Lisa Dilling: "Geoegineering"

ICEE: Walt Meier

CIRES Scientist Dr. Walt Meier "Climate Modeling"

ICEE: Waleed Abdalati

"The Role of Satellites in Understanding Climate Change"

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COSEE 2009 Introduction

Learn about the Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence collaboration between COSEE West and the University of Colorado (4/4/09).


COSEE 2009 "Life at Sea"

Scientists Life at Sea (Ludovic Bariteau)
NOAA scientist Ludovic Bariteau describes what it's like to do research at sea (6/11/09).

COSEE 2009 "Colorado Weather"

Colorado Weather (Robert Glancy)
Robert Glancy, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, leads a lively discussion on the quirky weather of the Front Range (6/9/09).

COSEE 2009 "Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice"

Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice and the Role of the Atmosphere (Ola Persson)
CIRES scientist Ola Persson discusses his research on the relationship between the radiative balance and sea ice (5/9/09).