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COSEE 2009 "Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice" Q&A

Question and Answer Section

Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice and the Role of the Atmosphere (Ola Persson)
CIRES scientist Ola Persson discusses his research on the relationship between the radiative balance and sea ice (5/9/09).

COSEE 2009 "WInd Patterns and Ocean Currents"

Global Wind Patterns and Ocean Currents (Lesley Smith)
Lesley Smith goes over the basics of global wind patterns and ocean currents (6/8/09).

COSEE 2009 "Climate: Its is all about the Sun! Or is it"

Climate: It Is All about the Sun! Or Is It (Chris Fairall)
NOAA scientist Chris Fairall discusses the global energy balance and why the ocean is the big boss of the climate system response (4/4/09).

COSEE 2009 "Air-Sea Interaction and Climate"

Air-Sea Interactions and Climate (Jeff Hare)
Learn about air-sea interactions and their effect on biological processes.

COSEE 2009 "Science Literacy"

Science Literacy (Mark McCaffrey)
Mark McCaffrey discusses the need for Climate Science Literacy (6/11/09).

COSEE 2011 Nolan Doesken "Taking the Pulse of Colorado's Climate"

Another video in the COSEE lecture series featuring Nolan Doesken, State Climatologist, Colorado Climate Center, and Professor at Colorado State University's Atmospheric Science Department.

COSEE 2011 Samantha Stevenson "El Niño, La Niña and Why they matter to the Southwest US"

Title: El Niño, La Niña and Why they matter to the Southwest US

Speaker: Samantha Stevenson, University of Colorado Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

COSEE 2011 Bob Glancy "Weather in Colorado"

Title: Weather In Colorado
Featuring: Bob Glancy, Weather Forecasting Meteorologist at NOAA's National Weather Service.

COSEE 2011 Mark Squillace "Water Law in a Nutshell"

Title: Water Law in a Nutshell
Featuring: Professor Mark Squillace, Director, Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado Law School.

COSEE 2011 Joe Barsugli "Colorado's Climate in a Glass of Water"

CIRES Education and Outreach Presents: Joseph Barsugli, Western Water Assessment, "Colorado's Climate in a Glass of Water", 2011.