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COSEE 2012 David Noone "Tracking the Hyrdologic Cycle from Atoms to the Globe"

CIRES Fellow David Noone lectures to science educators about the water cycle from your backyard to the global perspective

COSEE 2012 Teresa Chapman "From the Beetle to the Blowup and Beyond"

CIRES Education and Outreach presents Taresa Chapman's "From the Beetle to the Blowup and Beyond: Influence of climate and landscape on the current mountain pine beetle epidemic in Colorado"

COSEE 2012 Brian Ebel "Post-Wildfire Hydrology at Fourmile Canyon, CO"

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Hydrologist Brian Ebel talks about post forest fire hydrology, flash floods, and Boulder Colorado's Four Mile Canyon Fire.

Polar Visions - Introduction

Learn about the causes and effects of climate change in the polar regions.

LOCC: Manhattan MS

Student-made short films show how climate change affects their lives and their community.


Susan Buhr: Introduction

Presentations from expert scientists given during the 2012, Inspiring Climate Education Excellence (ICEE) Workshop, can be found here.

COSEE 2012 Joe Barsugli "Climate in a Glass of Water: Colorado River"

Western Water Assessment's Joseph Barsugli talks on water in the west, the colorado river, and more.