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SDO Project Suite

SDO Project Suite

Developed out of the Solar Dynamics Observatory - Extreme Ultraviolet Experiment (SDO-EVE) project, the SDO Project Suite integrates both new and adapted lessons and activities for a real-world exploration of the sun, solar activity and space weather and its impacts on life and society on earth.

This NGSS-aligned curriculum has passed NASA Product Review and is comprised of four modules that can be completed as a coherent unit or as individual activities.

Each module is student-directed and has specific learning objectives that focus on sun-earth interactions.  Students master a range of scientific concepts while developing 21st century skills in digital and media literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.


1 Features of the Sun: Provides an understanding of the structure of the sun

2 Electromagnetic Spectrum & Magnetism: Investigates how and why the sun is studied via the electromagnetic spectrum and magnetism

3 Sun-Earth Interactions: Explores the causes of solar activity and the effects that space weather has on earth

4 Solar Exhibit: Summative assessment engages students to collaborate on designing, creating, and curating a 3-D solar exhibit

Watch the NASA SDO Mission video.



Space science, earth science, sun-earth interactions



Sun Features

Sun Features

Activity 1

Activity 1