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Life of a Bike

This film was made by students in Carbondale, Colorado during summer 2018

Sean Will

Project Title: Hydraulic Condusivity of Beaver Dam and Beaver Pond Soils.

Mentors: Emily Fairfax and Eric Small, CIRES/Department of Geological Sciences at CU

Bio: Born in Seattle, Sean spent his childhood in Florida exploring the wilderness. He has always been fascinated by the natural world and enjoys any activity or work that takes him into the less traveled areas of the country. Since moving to Colorado, he has been determined to find obscure trails and campsites.

Cora Rutledge

Project Title: The Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Emitted from Compost on Soil Microbes.

Mentors: Noah Fierer and Mallory Choudoir, CIRES/EBIO      

Jessica Ghent

Project Title: The Impact of Ground Control Points on drone-based Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry, Chalk Cliffs debris flow basin. 

Mentors: Katy Barnhart and Greg Tucker, Department of Geological Sciences at CU 

Davin Duke

Project Title: A New Approach to Measuring Nitrogen Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Mentors: Eleanor Browne and Jennifer Berry, CIRES/Chemistry

Jason Chalmers

Project Title: Linearity of Cloud Feedbacks in Idealized Climate Modeling Experiments.

Mentor: Jen Kay, CIRES/ATOC

Bio: Jason is originally from the flatlands of Ohio, but is currently a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. When he is not studying Chemical Engineering, you can usually find him hiking, backpacking, or skiing in Colorado’s beautiful mountains.