Brigitta Rongstad

Education & Outreach Associate, Program Manager for We are Water

Brigitta Rongstad


Brigitta is a program developer and video producer for the We are Water project. She has a background in paleoclimate and paleoceanography and is passionate about making climate change science accessible to everyone. Through her work, she strives to elevate the voices and knowledge of people who have been historically excluded from STEM fields and to put community perspectives at the center of the program design process. Brigitta has PhD in geological sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder. She spent time as a graduate student searching for and developing unique, hands-on activities to teach students about how climate data is extracted from the geologic record and volunteering with a variety of informal STEM education programs. Brigitta also works with the CIRES communications team, creating and posting content for social media and writing news stories.

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