Irfan Alam

Graduate Research Assistant

Irfan Alam


At the onset of my academic career, my goal was to become a plant biologist. However, after working as a teaching assistant I realized how much I enjoyed pedagogy. Thus, I transitioned from a molecular biologist to a DBER researcher where I now get to investigate student-centered learning approaches in STEM in the REACH lab. My dissertation involves investigating the impact of community-engaged (CE) CUREs on students' scientific civic engagement. This led to designing and teaching my own CE CURE as part of the Boulder Apple Tree Project and creating a validated survey that measures students' scientific civic engagement. I am particularly interested in using my graduate training in psychometrics. mixed-methods and phenomenology in the realm of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (IDEA). This work would entail retaining under-served STEM students, designing participatory action research projects in STEM, and building community-institution relationships. In my spare time, I love to cook, travel and indulge in the rich delicacies that Denver has to offer. And like a lot of folks during the pandemic, I have amassed a growing collection of 40+ houseplants.

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