The EarthLabs DRK-12 project is developing three 3-week long, inquiry-based, lab-focused, climate change high school-level online Climate Change EarthLabs modules as a context for research into how students grasp change over time in the Earth system on multiple timescales. Backward-design methodology was used to identify an integrated set of science content, learning goals, and research questions to inform module development. The developed climate modules were reviewed and implemented in Texas and Mississippi. Teacher professional development was offered in three years to train teachers on using the curriculum in their classroom. Research and evaluation results from the multiple rounds of implementations were used for refining the modules, the Professional Development materials, and the research program.

CIRES Education and Outreach serves as the external evaluators to the project.


Cover: Journal of Geoscience Education

Ellins, K.K., Ledley, T.S., Haddad, N., McNeal, K., Gold, A.U., Lynds, S., Libarkin, J. (2014): EarthLabs: Supporting Teacher Professional Development to Facilitate Effective Teaching of Climate Science. Journal of Geoscience Education, Vol. 62, No. 3, pp. 330-342.

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