Engaged Scientist Series

Engaged Scientist Series

As communities increasingly grapple with problems of resiliency and environmental health and safety, scientists who are equipped to help are needed. The Engaged Scientist Workshop series targets early-career STEM researchers across campus (typically graduate students, post-docs, and interested faculty) and provides perspectives and resources intended to facilitate their positive engagement with partners and audiences beyond the university setting.

The Engaged Scientist series is coordinated by CU's Albert A. Bartlett Center for Science Communication, CIRES Education and Outreach, INSTAAR, and the Office for Outreach and Engagement.

Our next workshop will highlight best practices for effective communication with diverse types of audiences and media.

Engaged Scientist Workshop: Communication Tools for Effective Outreach

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Intended audience: STEM graduate students, post-docs, and early-career faculty members at CU Boulder who are looking to improve their skills, tools, and preparation to do effective outreach & engagement work.

Location: Room C215, SEEC Building, E Campus, 4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder

Timing: 4-7 pm, organized as follows:

4-5 pm Panel and discussion: “Communication Tools for Effective Outreach”; 4-6 presenters from Strategic Media Relations, Science Discovery, and the Office for Outreach and Engagement

5-5:30 pm Dinner for workshop participants

5:30-7 pm Workshops in breakout groups focused on specific topics led by the panel presenters; participants can choose to attend two of four sessions:

  1. Outreach with K-12 student audiences
  2. Outreach & engagement with adult public audiences or non-academic partners
  3. Engaging with print and television media and journalists
  4. Social media 

You are welcome to attend the panel from 4-5 pm only; to participate in the dinner and workshop sessions afterwards.


Engaged Scientist Series

Engaged Scientist Series
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Engaged Scientist Series
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Engaged Scientist Series
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