The GLOBE Program

The GLOBE Program is a network of worldwide students, teachers, scientists, and partners who work together.

The GLOBE Program

What is GLOBE?

The GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program is a network of worldwide students, teachers, scientists, and partners who work together to increase our understanding of the Earth as a system through investigations that monitor the air, land, water, and life on our planet.

CIRES Education Outreach is a GLOBE Partner

As a GLOBE Partner, CIRES Education Outreach provides outreach and engagement opportunities for formal and informal education audiences and community organizations. GLOBE investigations are built into many of our projects, curricula, and professional development workshops.

Get Involved with GLOBE and CIRES Education Outreach

CIRES Education Outreach is seeking to build GLOBE partnerships with schools, science centers, and community groups in the Front Range and Denver Metro areas of Colorado.

Contact us to learn more about our:

  • Training programs in many of the GLOBE protocols
  • Lending library of the complete GLOBE equipment inventory

The GLOBE protocols are Earth System investigations that enable students and citizen scientists to collect and share scientific data about their environment with the international GLOBE community.

Data is collected in these key areas of study:

  • Atmosphere (clouds and weather conditions)
  • Hydrosphere (freshwater aquatic systems)
  • Biosphere (phenology)
  • Pedosphere (soils)
  • GLOBE Observer (citizen science app)

The CIRES Education Outreach is a GLOBE Partner and we offer many opportunities for collaboration.

We can engage in and provide professional learning around:

  • Citizen science
  • K-12 STEM education programs with GLOBE projects
  • Informal STEM education programs with GLOBE projects
  • In-service teacher professional development
  • Pre-service teacher training
  • GLOBE in undergraduate classrooms
  • Science research
  • Education research

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In January 2018, CIRES Education Outreach teamed up with the Globe Implementation Office, UCAR, and St. Vrain Valley School District to host an international visit to Colorado for South Korean students and their teacher from Masan Yongma High School and the Republic of Korea GLOBE Country Coordinator. Read the article about their visit.

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The South Korean students visited the University of Colorado Boulder as part of their visit to the U.S. and made their first North American GLOBE Observer Clouds app observation. The students also participated in a StarLab planetarium show presented by CU Fiske Planetarium, also a GLOBE Partner.

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After attending a workshop on GLOBE presented by the Colorado GLOBE Collaborative, attendees had the opportunity to learn how to use the GLOBE Observer Clouds app at the 2017 Colorado Science Conference.

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Training in Atmosphere protocols and building connections at the 2017 GLOBE Bootcamp in Boulder, Colorado.


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