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CIRES Outreach projects focus on professional development for teachers and scientists, partnerships with school districts, opportunities for students at all levels and avenues for teachers and students to be involved in current research.
students in a classroom
Building capacity in climate and resiliency education with secondary science educators.
A collection of nearly 700 free peer-reviewed climate and energy educational resources.
Free public lectures and workshops for graduate students & postdocs on engaging scientists with communities.
Deer in river Wildfire in the background
A NASA-funded project to review, revise, and pilot the citizen science GLOBE Fire Fuel Protocol.
Mountains and blue sky
Girls on Rock is a unique, FREE, wilderness science education programs for high school girls.
Engage youth and teachers to raise awareness of natural hazards and inspire action for resilience in Colorado communities.
CIRES Education & Outreach conducts workshops to teach improvisational (improv) theater skills and games for a variety of audiences, including teachers, professionals, and students in high school, college or graduate programs.  
Secondary students learn about local climate change topics by producing short films.
The National Ocean Sciences Bowl is an annual academic competition for high school students.
We offer paid summer student research experiences in geosciences.
GLOBE is an international science and education program for students and citizen scientists.
Our NSF-funded research project investigates the influence of an emotional hook on a student’s interest in and capacity to learn about the globally connected climate system.

Past Projects

Help educators teach climate science content through effective pedagogy.

Data-driven curriculum based on Arctic research data.

Backcountry Limnology engages backcountry anglers and Colorado students in environmental science through a citizen science project.

Teacher professional development focused on connecting the ocean, weather and climate of the arid Southwest. Resources available.

A self-guided tutorial to build understanding of climate science and climate change.

Webportal Evaluation and Usability Study for the four NOAA target audiences.

STEM curriculum and workshop on air quality issues and how they impact human health and the environment.

External Evaluation of Curriculum and Professional Development Project around EarthLab Climate modules.

Earth System Science for Secondary Science Teachers free professional development workshop

Graduate student fellows work in BVSD classrooms to deliver exciting science. Lesson plans available.

An after-school MESA program for students to explore geomagnetism concepts.

Learn how scientists do their science. Includes a DVD and lesson plans.

Recorded webinar series and workshop on the emerging science of microbial research.

NGSS-aligned curriculum for student-led investigations of the sun, solar activity, and space weather.

Engaging Navajo tribal college students to learn about climate and the local environment through photography.