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Backcountry Limnology (BCL)

Backcountry Limnology (BCL)

Backcountry Limnology engages backcountry anglers and Colorado students in environmental science through a citizen science project. Participants undergo data collection training and informational talks from CU scientists (open to the public) and will collect data on water temperature and turbidity, critical components for models of the effects of climate change on lakes, at designated locations. These data will be uploaded to a website where they will be accessible to participants, scientists, and the wider public. These citizen scientists will learn how data collected in this project will help scientists better understand the potential effects of climate change.

The goal of this project is to empower its participants to understand and conserve Colorado’s freshwater systems. Participants will learn about Colorado’s watersheds and aquatic ecosystems through talks and trainings with University of Colorado scientists, learn about the scientific method through data collection, and contribute valuable data for use by limnologists to track the effects of climate change on these economically important ecosystems in mountain states.


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