Drought Virtual Expo

This is a streamlined lesson for students to prepare for a Community Resilience Expo, focusing on drought.


Context for Use

This lesson provides a virtual alternative to the HEART Force Expo curriculum. 

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

The Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, located at the headquarters of Denver Water in Denver, Colorado. Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Xeriscape_Demonstration_Garden.JPG

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

Students will create a project proposal to increase community resilience to drought that they could implement.


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Students will identify a resilience strategy to make their community more resilient to drought. 

  • Activity 1 - Identify (30 minutes) What strategy will you investigate?

Students review the virtual expo and identify a drought resilience strategy they would like to focus on. 

  • Activity 2 – Research (30 minutes) Would your strategy work? Is it needed?

Students interview family and friends about what they know about drought, and look into the feasibility of their idea. 

  • Activity 3 – Prototype (45 minutes) Create a pitch for your idea

Students create a draft of their idea proposal. 

  • Activity 4 - Iterate (30 minutes) Improve your idea based on feedback

Students present their prototypes to their peers, and/or a community expert for feedback. 

  • Activity 5 - Launch (45 minutes) Create your presentation. 

Students incorporate feedback to create their final presentation for submission.


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