Drought Virtual Expo

Humans have been affected by severe drought throughout history, which in some cases has led to the collapse of civilizations. While technology has increased our ability to deal with drought, it still causes significant economic damage in the United States today.


Context for Use

This lesson provides a virtual alternative to the HEART Force Expo curriculum. 

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

The Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, located at the headquarters of Denver Water in Denver, Colorado. Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Xeriscape_Demonstration_Garden.JPG

Goals Header
Learning Goal

Students will create a project proposal to increase community resilience to drought that they could implement.


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Students will identify a resilience strategy to make their community more resilient to drought. 

  • Activity 1 - Identify (30 minutes) What strategy will you investigate?

Students review the virtual expo and identify a drought resilience strategy they would like to focus on. 

  • Activity 2 – Research (30 minutes) Would your strategy work? Is it needed?

Students interview family and friends about what they know about drought, and look into the feasibility of their idea. 

  • Activity 3 – Prototype (45 minutes) Create a pitch for your idea

Students create a draft of their idea proposal. 

  • Activity 4 - Iterate (30 minutes) Improve your idea based on feedback

Students present their prototypes to their peers, and/or a community expert for feedback. 

  • Activity 5 - Launch (45 minutes) Create your presentation. 

Students incorporate feedback to create their final presentation for submission.


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