Drifting North: Polar Planetarium Experience - Planetarium Curation Guide

Drifting North: Polar Planetarium Experience - Planetarium Curation Guide

Follow an international team of scientists from over twenty countries who embark on the epic year-long expedition to the Central Arctic, MOSAiC. The Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) launched in September 2019. Led by the German Alfred Wegener Institute, the MOSAiC team froze the German Icebreak R/V Polarstern into the sea ice to observe the Arctic climate for an entire year. As they drift with an ice floe, they strive to better understand this remote region's climate and its future. 

The Drifting North: A MOSAiC Expedition 2-part feature film series is designed to capture the science and experiences of experts that were part of an epic yearlong polar research expedition. These activities are designed to create hands-on engagement with viewers in the planetarium based on themes based on what happened during the field research campaign in the Central Arctic. 


Context for Use

This guide is for planetarium staff to curate a field trip to the planetarium centered around the Drifting North films. 

Polarstern frozen in the ice

Image of Polarstern taken by Lianna Nixon

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

  • Watch one of the Drifting North films 
  • Engage with the MOSAiC community, planetarium educators, and each other.
  • Participate in up to five polar-themed activities with the option to hear from polar scientists.
  • Learn about earth science topics holistically, diving into Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts as they relate to polar science

This field trip has pre- and post-field trip classroom curricula written for middle and high school. 


Teaching Materials

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