HEART Force Wildfire Game

In this interactive game, students work in three “zone response teams” to solve community challenges that arise during the course of a wildfire event by using available individual and community resources.

Context for Use

This lesson is best used after the wildfire hazard lesson in the HEART Force curricular unit, for students to apply their learning and respond to a hypothetical wildfire in their own community. 

Preceding lessons: 

Potential lessons to follow include: 

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

  • Evaluate information on wildfire conditions to appropriately use community resources to respond to a wildfire in their community by assessing the causes and effects of extreme wildfires
  • Design solutions to address wildfire risks using a system model of a community wildfire response effort.

Teaching Materials

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HEART Force Wildfire Game Materials
Wildfire Game Board
Wildfire Game Response Guidelines
Wildfire Game Resource Cards
Wildfire Game Resource Guide
Wildfire Game Emergency Updates and Challenges


Students will solve the challenges that their community faces during the course of an extreme wildfire event by using available individual and community resources. Students work in three “zone response teams” to determine the responses they will take in each round as the wildfire situation evolves. Students use resource cards to respond to increasing wildfire severity and to unanticipated challenges that arise.

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