The Vocabulary of Hazards

The Vocabulary of Hazards

Using a matching game, students explore the different terms used in the world of resiliency planning. This lesson builds understanding and familiarity with the differences between the terms preparedness, mitigation, and resilience

Context for Use

Understanding of the vocabulary of resilience will benefit students in their understanding of natural hazards throughout the HEART Force Unit. We suggest teaching this lesson to introduce the unit. 


Colorado Resiliency Office discussion

Community experts discuss the Colorado Resiliency Framework. Photo Credit: Colorado Resiliency Office, Department of Local Affairs

Goals Header
Learning Goal

  • Students will understand the meaning of preparedness, mitigation, and resilience, and be able to distinguish between the terms.

Teaching Materials

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Activity 1 – Engage (10 minutes) Alien Invasion Warm-Up Activity

In small groups, students will create cartoons to illustrate preparedness, mitigation, and resilience in response to an alien invasion of their town or neighborhood.

Activity 2 – Explore (15 minutes) Vocabulary Game

In the same small groups, students will categorize different actions into the appropriate terminology while playing a vocabulary game.

Activity 3 – Explain (5 minutes) Vocabulary Review

As a class, review the meaning of each term.

Activity 4 – Elaborate & Evaluate (10 minutes) Brainstorm

Students will individually create ideas of how to apply the concepts in their own community.

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