Colorado Wildfire

Students build an understanding of wildfire in Colorado using multiple data sources in a jigsaw format. 

Context for Use

This lesson is best used as part of the HEART Force curricular unit. Potential lessons to follow include:

This lesson could also be a stand-alone lesson to introduce students to wildfire in Colorado.

Wildfire image

Wildfire burns through the Black Forest area near Colorado Springs, 2013.

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Goals Header
What Students Will Do

  • Analyze wildfire data to identify patterns of wildfire history and risk in Colorado. 
  • Communicate information about the causes and effects of wildfires in your community. Explain what community members should do to be safe in the event of a wildfire

Teaching Materials

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In this lesson, students will investigate wildfires in Colorado by analyzing wildfire data and information to create a local news story to educate community members about wildfire risk. 

  • Part 1 – Engage (20 minutes) Introduction to Wildfire Concepts and Case Study

As a class, watch a short documentary about wildfires in Colorado and have a brief whole group discussion about the video.

  • Part 2 – Explore (50 minutes) Wildfire Data Analysis Jigsaw

In small groups, analyze wildfire information and data to build understanding of the causes, impacts, locations, and frequency of wildfires.

  • Part 3 – Explain (65 minutes) Community Wildfire Risk and Response

In small groups, create a local news story for your (or another) community to share information about wildfire causes and impacts, and how people prepare for, respond to, and rebound from wildfires.




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