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Resource Overview

Resource Overview

The work of scientists is brought to life when real-world science becomes part of a learning experience. This section of our website presents ‘usable science’ - classroom materials, videos, workshops, webinars, and publications that have been informed and inspired by recent scientific research.

Curricular Units and Modules

Full suites of learning materials for an in-depth treatment of earth science and environmental science topics. Educators can use the entire unit, or select individual modules.

Lesson Plan Library

Explore labs, classroom activities, and data-rich exercises to immerse your students in recent science and help them learn about the world around us.


A searchable collection of over 100 videos that show the importance of earth and environmental science in our lives. Many of the videos are made by students, and some are in Spanish. Search by project or keyword.


Watch pre-recorded or live webinars and see scientists and educators share their expertise and passion.


Dive in with in-depth, interactive workshops and learn from activities and slideshows used in past workshops.


One of the primary ways scientists and educators communicate is with articles in scientific journals, reports, and newsletters. Most of our publications describe how we’re using science to reach broad audiences like educators, students, and communities.