DISCOVER-AQ Curriculum Overview

DISCOVER-AQ Curriculum Overview

The DISCOVER-AQ curriculum integrates real-word research with real-life learning to answer the question: What are the causes and effects of air quality issues and how do they affect human health and the environment?

Context for Use

The four DISCOVER-AQ modules can be completed independently, sequentially, or extended into a larger unit of study.

Airplane and weatherballoon


Materials linked here provide educators with a unit overview. All curriculum materials (teacher guides, student guides, slide decks) can be accessed in either the Google Drive folder here or by clicking on the modules in the description below.

Acknowledgement and Introduction
Appendix A Standards Alignment & Instructional Design
Appendix B Air Quality FAQs
DISCOVER-AQ Curriculum Materials (Google Drive folder)


Each of the four modules in the DISCOVER-AQ curriculum applies the 5E instructional model. 

Module 1.1 Air Quality: More than Meets the Eye

Module 1.2 Oh No, O3zone: “Good Up High, Bad Nearby!”

Module 1.3 Sherlock NOx: Solving the Mystery of Unnatural Pollution in Natural Places

Module 1.4 Carbon Gases CSI: Mobile Lab, Methane & More

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