Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Catrin Mills

Research Interests

Catrin’s research focuses on the relationship between day-to-day weather patterns in the Arctic and sea ice variability, using multiple tools, such as a pattern recognition tool called self-organizing maps (SOMs). She is also working with the Cassano research group to study the effects of Arctic change remotely, such as the role of enhanced Arctic sea ice loss on weather systems in the United States. Her research taps into potential predictive capabilities—highly useful for native Arctic communities and stakeholders. She is interested in studying the impacts of extreme weather events on society by using neural networks and other multivariate methods in order to create metrics that augment predictability of atmospheric phenomena and are tailored to user-needs.She is excited to be in a new, amazing place that always offers a great view and serves as a capital for atmospheric sciences research.

Current Research

Currently at PNL