Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Eleanor Middlemas

Research Interests

I currently work at Jupiter Intelligence.

I study mechanisms of climate change and variability occuring on interannual to multidecadal timescales. I like to use simplified models (for example, AR1 models of SST; AGCM-slab models; models without cloud feedbacks) to aid in understanding more complex models (i.e., fully-coupled GCMs) and observations of our climate system. I'm specifically interested in how clouds are radiatively coupled to atmospheric circulation and the sea surface, and how that coupling may influence climate. 

As a CIRES Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, I will be using an experimental configuration called "cloud-locking" in NCAR model CESM to isolate clouds' radiative role in driving changes in the Southern Ocean and other polar regions.