Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Mel Nicholls

Research Interests

Mel Nicholls received an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham, UK in 1979, and a master’s degree in Atmospheric Physics from Imperial College, London in 1980. He moved to the United States in 1981 and studied Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, receiving an M.S. in 1983, and a Ph. D. in 1987. He continued to work at the Department of Atmospheric Science, first as a Research Associate and then as a Research Scientist. Research interests included numerical modeling, squall lines, convective storms, gravity waves, compression waves, energy transfer, airflow around buildings, the atmospheric boundary layer, sources and sinks of carbon dioxide, infrasound and tropical cyclones. He taught classes in numerical modeling, and in extreme weather and its consequences for society. In 2006 he joined CIRES and ATOC at the University of Boulder as a Senior Research Scientist. His current research is focused on tropical cyclones and infrasound from tornadic storms.


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  • Smith WP; Nicholls ME; Pielke RA. (Apr 2020). The Role of Radiation in Accelerating Tropical Cyclogenesis in Idealized Simulations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences , 77(4), 1261-1277. 10.1175/JAS-D-19-0044.1